Layne Elizabeth

This morning I was in the Dallas Farmer’s Market, when off in the distance I heard what sounded (to my ear, anyway) like Joni Mitchell, or someone with much the same vocal timbre. The singer, I learned, was Layne Elizabeth, and I was amazed to find out from her mom Melissa that Layne is only 16. I sat and listened for a while, chatting with Melissa, learning something about the young lady and her talent. Layne is the daughter of a songwriter, and grandaughter of hippies (on her mom’s side).  On her dad’s side, she is descended from Italian Immigrants. Coming from such a colorful combination of genes, Layne can’t help herself— she has a ton of talent, lots of self-confidence, and an excellent stage presence.

Click on link for short vid of Layne singing this morning: F5B40CF2-75C2-4B79-8408-4AA8F9B4773C



Tonight my thoughts are with Texas.

I am saddened by what has happened in Houston. Saddened and horrified. And, dammit, I’m proud of these United States for the way citizens have flocked to Texas to help rescue folks in the flood. There are many good places and good people in the world, but tonight my thoughts are with Texas and my fellow Americans who are showing the world how we do caring and sharing.