Chinese New Year.

Last Saturday (February 17), I stopped by North Park Center in Dallas, Texas, to catch the Chinese New Year celebration. Year of the Dog, if you’re keeping up.  Between traditional Chinese dances, I spotted Jean, this year’s winner of the qinpao contest. Qinpao is an ankle length, form-fitting Chinese dress. Jean wears hers most fittingly.

Amber, with her beautiful eyes, fresh face, and blonde hair caught my eye as she admired the celebration. I asked if I might take her photo and she readily agreed.


Mr. Shuifa Zhu.

I met Mr. Shuifa and his daughter (not pictured) at the Chinese New Year celebration at North Park Center in Dallas, TX.  He has been in the United States only two months, visiting his daughter who has lived here 20 years. To meet him is to look into eyes that have descended, generation after generation, through a thousand years or more, of Asian beauty, learning, tradition. The banner he is painting reads, approximately, ‘Happy New Year’.  As we parted, Mr. Shuifa and I bowed to each other.