Mr. Shuifa Zhu.

I met Mr. Shuifa and his daughter (not pictured) at the Chinese New Year celebration at North Park Center in Dallas, TX.  He has been in the United States only two months, visiting his daughter who has lived here 20 years. To meet him is to look into eyes that have descended, generation after generation, through a thousand years or more, of Asian beauty, learning, tradition. The banner he is painting reads, approximately, ‘Happy New Year’.  As we parted, Mr. Shuifa and I bowed to each other.

The soul has an interpreter…

I met this young lady and her mother whilst walking about in a park. I noticed her eyes first. They convey a quiet and natural confidence. Her mother gave permission to take this photo and post it on ‘We’ll See!’.

The soul, fortunately, has an interpreter – often an unconscious but still a faithful interpreter – in the eye.               (Charlotte Brontë, ‘Jane Eyre’)