Doing it right.

“My husband is the kind who wants to fix it up right, the way it was meant to be in the first place,” said Casey as we stood in front of her home in Palestine, Texas.  Casey’s Victorian house, with its wrap-around porch and balcony was built in 1916, and has been in Casey’s husband’s family since 1946.  Casey’s son William was spot on correct when I quizzed him about what big event was happening in 1916.  “World War I,” he answered, in a heartbeat.  William also pointed out that they found evidence of a long-ago lunch in the attic.  He said, “We found a butter knife and a magazine from 1912.”  Their theory is that someone was working in the attic, almost a century ago, and stopped to have lunch and read.  Casey’s husband has a lot of work to do– the porch needs work– but what he has done to the house, so far, looks exatly right.  A drive through old neighborhoods in Palestine will leave you amazed at the number of stately old homes lining the streets.  Palestine itself is in the middle of the “piney woods” of East Texas, one of the most serene and scenic parts of a very diverse state.

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