Isn’t this a typical small-town Texas scene?  The old fellow perched on the bench outside the local feed store, quietly passing his time, ready to say howdy to anyone passing by, ready to talk about the weather, crops or the local high school football team. 

The tiny town of Zephyr, Texas, sits 12 miles east of Brownwood, in Brown County.  The Handbook of Texas says that the name Zephyr came from what we Texans call a “blue norther”, one of those bone-chilling winds that whips through North Texas.  (Amongst ranchers in the Texas Panhandle, there used to be a saying “Nothing between us and the north pole except a bob-wire fence”– please note that no Texan worth his cow chips calls it “barbed wire”!) Population of Zephyr, in 2000:  198 souls.

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