Simple living.

The Amish way of life places high value on simple living and simple dress.  The Amish faith dates back to 1693, when there was a dispute amongst Swiss Anabaptists.  A group led by Jakob Amman broke away, and over the centuries there have been many more splits within Amish communities.  But all Amish communities value a simple way of life that focuses on faith and family.  They limit, but not completely shun, modern conveniences.  They generally do not like to be photographed, although they do tolerate photos if their faces are obscured.  I took this photo last week in Kalona, Iowa, a remote village east of Des Moines.  The store was closing for the day.  Inside the buggy a young Amish man held the reins.  A minute later, a young woman, wearing an ankle length dress and white scarf bonnet, came out from the store to speak to the driver.  Evidently, the driver was there to pick her up at the end of the work day.  Notice the orange triangle,  to warn motorists that this is a slow moving vehicle.

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