Baker Hotel.

The Baker Hotel was a grand place, the likes of which might never be seen again in Mineral Wells, Texas.  The hotel opened to the public on November 9, 1929.   Notice the proximity of the date to the famous Wall Street crash which ushered in the Great Depression.    The hotel drew a wealthy and celebrated clientele to Mineral Wells, where people came to “take the waters,” hoping to find a cure for their sundry aches and pains.  The guests included Will Rogers, Mary Martin, Lady Bird Johnson, and assorted Hollywood types.   When Mr. Baker died in 1967, the hotel continued for a few years, and finally closed its doors in 1972.   But it may live again.  Every year, but especially this year, there has been talk of buying the place, and restoring its grandeur.   You can watch a video about the hotel on YouTube,

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