Turner Falls.

Turner Falls is tucked away in the Arbuckle mountains of Oklahoma, and is that state’s oldest park.  Hiking is OK, but more limited than one might expect given this scenic overview.   The main attraction is the falls.  On a warm day, the place is filled with folks splashing around in the pool at the base of the falls. 

2 thoughts on “Turner Falls.

  1. I have been to this park over the years and have enjoyed every visit. But my last visit was a little disappointing. Noticed allot of beer cans scattered about and the people visitig the park had the music turned up so loud that it made it impossible to enjoy our visit.

    • Yes, I have noticed the same thing about other parks. Too often in parks, people think that trash doesn’t matter. They have a “La Vegas” mentality: What’s done in the park stays in the park. Including their trash.

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