This might not look like Texas but it is.  Freeport, Texas, is a Gulf coast town, in Brazoria county.  Freeport is populated by about 12,700 souls many of whom are fisher…  should I say fishermen or fisherfolk?  

One afternoon, years ago, whilst living in Houston, I drove down to Freeport to see the “the watery part of the world” (Moby Dick, chapter 1).  I met a Vietnamese fellow named Thieu and he invited me on board his boat, the Christina III.  Thieu is from Ho Chi Minh City, and he speaks very little English.  I speak no Vietnamese.  On board the boat, in a small, hot, cigarette-smoke filled cabin, Thieu and his fishing partner (whose English wasn’t much bettter) struggled to put together an entertainment center, one of those assemble it yourself jobs from K-Mart.  The three of us spent a couple of hours sorting out each assembly step, piece by piece, in broken English and hand gestures, until we had a shell assembled, more or less.  I did not stay to see the project completed.  I needed fresh air.  As I left their company, I thanked them for the experience and told them that I would return someday to go fishing.  I am not sure they understood my words, but I think we did OK.

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