Mr. McCalla’s llamas.

If you drive north on Farm Road 4 in Palo Pinto County, Texas,  you will pass through a buccolic valley nestled between heavily wooded and lush green hills.  For those who think that West Texas is all flat, dry and treeless, this drive is a pleasant surprise.  (Note:  Amongst folks in these hills, there is a degree of regional pride that says this area is actually North Central, not West, Texas.)  

Along FM 4, just south of Lone Camp, I took a detour onto Ward Mountain Road winding up to the top of one of those hills.   On top of Ward Mountain, I came across a flock of llamas owned by Mr. Roland McCalla.  Mr. McCalla bought his first llamas a few years ago, just because they were nice to have around.  He named each llama, and he pointed out each one, telling me who is kin to whom, llama-wise.  Mr. McCalla has done a lot of reading about llamas and their history.  He said, “Llamas are descended from a South American god.”  Ah… very good!   I am heartily in favor of caring for any animal descended from a god.  Perhaps that is where they get their intelligence.  They are curious animals, always eager to meet a newcomer and not at all bashful about posing for photos.  Too, they were most polite and refrained from spitting at me.

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