Fort Richardson.

In the years following the Civil War, a line of forts was set up in Texas, to guard against Indian attacks.  Fort Richardson opened for business in 1868, taking its name from General Israel Bush Richardson, aka “Fighting Dick”.  The fort occupied 300 acres, a half-mile south of Jacksboro, Texas, in Jack County.  For a period of time, Fort Richardson had the largest garrison (666 officers and men) of any fort in the United States.  As the frontier grew less dangerous, there was less need for military protection.  The army abandoned the fort in 1878.  95 years later, in 1973, the Fort Richardson State Park opened.

I took most of these photos inside the fort’s reconstructed hospital.  Notice the toilets and bath.  And a box of bandages for binding up wounds. 

The outside photos show the reconstructed hospital and (the very last photo) shows the remains of the brig (jail).

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