I hope New Year 2011 finds you prospering in peace in your neighborhood.   This afternoon in North Texas, we got our first snow.   Just a light dusting, and none of it stuck.   Even so, it was enough to raise the hopes of every school kid and many working adults that, maybe, just maybe, later this winter, we could get an inch or two so we can have a day off to play in the snow. 

I want to take a moment to thank our visitors.  So far this month, “We’ll See” has been viewed in 14 countries.  Besides the U.S., a random sample includes Netherlands, Ecuador, Canada, Sweden, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia.   There are others, but these come to mind.  In past months, China has been a frequent visitor and so has the Russian Federation.  Israel has stopped by, and so has the Palestinian Authority.  Saudi Arabia takes a look now and again, as does Turkey, Vietnam and Panama (by the way, Panama, your flag is cool).  All are welcome.

One more thing, it occurs to me that as long as I don’t have any new photos to offer right away, you might be interested in reading a few short narratives about the land and people of Texas, even without photos.   Truth is, after 45+ years in this state, there is still a lot about Texas that I do not know.  If you don’t mind learning along with me, then together we might find out something new.  We’ll See. 

Please let us know what you think about what we see.