773 miles.

From its easternmost point to westernmost, Texas is 773 miles wide.  A chunk of land that wide is hard to put into a neat category.  Is Texas in the U.S. South?  Or West?  Most folks say Southwest.  Culturally, Texas straddles an invisible and mostly imaginary border between the American Old South and the American Old West.  In the Civil War, Texas seceded from the Union and sided with the South.  To this day, folks in Deep East Texas along the Sabine River have more in common with the culture of Louisiana (undoubtedly South) than they do with the culture of cattlemen and ranchers in Far West Texas (unquestionably West). 

Geographically, too, land in East Texas is remarkably different from West Texas.  The Piney Woods of East Texas are lovely, dark and deep (to borrow the lyrical phrase of Robert Frost).   In Far West Texas, the mountains and canyons are impressive, and the high plains seem to go on forever. 

So where does the South end and the West begin?  We’ll see. 

Please let us know what you think about what we see.