This is it! (Final: Packers 31, Steelers 25)

SUNDAY MORNING.  Super Bowl Weekend is here!   OK, true, I am not a big fan.  Even so, how often does the Super Bowl land in your backyard? 

 I could not let this opportunity pass without photos.  Last night I spent several hours walking around Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, taking photos.  I hope to return for more this evening.  Overall, the scene last night was quieter than I expected.  Here and there, someone whooped and hollered for their team (Pittsburgh Steelers or Green Bay Packers), but folks were mostly there to take photos of the stadium or shop at Walmart directly across the street.  The Walmart parking lot was about three-quarters full.  A few blocks away, a couple of bars had outdoor concerts.  Traffic along South Collins was busy, but not anything like I imagined it would be.  Police helicopters flew overhead, and on the ground there was plenty of security (visible, uniformed) but not an overwhelming presence.  One presumes that amongst tens of thousands of fans today, there will be a sizeable contingent of plainclothes police, unnoticed and indistinguishable from other spectators, discreetly armed with tools of law enforcement.  A police officer told me that most of the big doings last night were going on in downtown Dallas and Fort Worth.  During my ambulations in the area, I met friendly folks, and I offered to take their photos, some of which I will post later today.  Here are a few photos from last night, just to get things started…  

SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE:  The game is over, the Packers won and life will return to normal along South Collins in Arlington, Texas.  I spent several hours this evening walking up and down South Collins, photographing whatever was colorful and conspicuous.  I did so until a(nother) cold front blew in and raindrops were falling on my head (and risking my camera too!).

Green Bay fans seemed to be everywhere.  There were plenty of Steelers fans, too, but for some reason I saw them only here and there– I had to look to find them.  I did what I could to take photos of both camps, but if you see more green and gold than black and gold, well, that is what I found. 

Revelers inside Walmart

Ramiro Ramirez is from Texas. He will be at the game to cheer on the Steelers.

Francisco and Manuel (from Mexico)

Sergio, Sergio Jr., Benjamin, Eduardo, Oscar, Oscar Jr., Jose Luis, Carlos. (The children appear in this photo with parents' permission.)

Juanita (right) and family. From Texas.

Sherry (from Florida)


Jordan and Onyx dog

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