175 years: Texians.

This year marks the 175th anniversary of the Republic of Texas.  The word “Texian”, by the way, is not a typo.  In the early 1830s, citizens of Texas (then a province of Mexico) were called Texians.  In January 1836, Texians were revolting again Mexican rule.  A small group of Texians, under command of 26 year old Lt. Col. William Travis, was ordered to the Alamo by Governor Henry Smith.  The Alamo was outside the village of San Antonio, deep in hostile territory.  Travis was not happy about being ordered to go there.  He told Governor Smith that his means were too meager (about 30 men) and badly equipped.  He even threatened to resign his commission.   Governor Smith ignored him, and Lt. Col. Travis and his men headed to the Alamo.   They arrived February 3.  The Alamo was already occupied by a few Texians, under the command of an almost forgotten fellow, James Clinton Neill.    More about this later…

Maria, back from Puerto Rico, made a stop in San Antonio and sends this phone-cam photo of the famous chapel of the Alamo.

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