175 years: Dosquicentennial

This, I am told by the illustrious Wikipedia, is the modern name for a 175th anniversary.  (The more antique, preferred name is “dodransbicentennial”, which not only feels un-natural in my mouth, but also has me anxiously wondering, “Will I receive an invitation to Dodran’s Bicentennial?”  I still remember, vividly, the anguish we Texans went through in 1986, learning to pronounce the similarly un-euphonic “sesquicentennial”, the official name for 150th anniversary.)

Anyway….  you might have noticed from recent entries, that this year is the 175th anniversary of the Republic of Texas, a regular, full-blown, constitution-writing, independence-declaring, revolution-fomenting, sovereign nation.  With a president, vice-president, congress and dirty politics.  The Republic didn’t last long, only 10 years, but by golly it was real.   And we still remember….

My colleague Maria, ever vigilant in finding a fitting foto, sends this phone-cam image from San Antonio, Texas.

Please let us know what you think about what we see.