Years ago, I drove out to Toledo Bend Reservoir which straddles the Texas-Louisiana border.  I crossed the dam into Louisiana, and drove down a dirt road where folks were fishing and camping.  I stopped to meet Earl who hails from Oberlin, Louisiana.  He talked about life on his uncle’s farm near Oberlin.  Uncle owned a cow, and the cow was particular about who milked her.  When uncle’s wife milked the cow, all was fine.  But when uncle tried it, well, nothing.  Uncle tried and tried, without luck, and then he had an idea.  He went into the house, dressed up like his wife, returned to the barn and proceeded to milk the cow just fine.   So goes the story…  😉

As Earl and I talked, kids were playing fetch with their dog.  Earl had a couple of dogs when he was a kid.  “A dog is the life of a child,” he said, and then after a moment, “sometimes the life of an adult, too.”

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