175 years: Sooner, not later.

Alamo watch:  Lt. Col. William B. Travis, only 26-years old, became the acting commander of the Alamo when Col. James Clinton Neill left on furlough to tend to his ailing family in Bastrop.  Col. Travis had not wanted to come to the Alamo, but once he arrived he became zealous in its defense.  General Sam Houston, who was not at the Alamo, wanted to raze the fort to the ground, but Governor Henry Smith did not think so well of that idea.   Anyway, 150 men now inside the Alamo (a few more will sneak in later), have been nervously awaiting the arrival of Gen. Santa Anna’s army.  Col. Travis feels sure they will not arrive before March 15.

He is wrong.  Santa Anna arrived today, February 23.  He has 1,500 men.  Another 1,000 are on the way. 

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