175 years: Runaway Scrape.

Like the Alamo, the “Runaway Scrape” is a defining feature of Texas history.

When Santa Anna began his march across Texas, in his quest to regain control of this rebellious province, Texians (as they were known back then) ran from their homes.  The runaway scrape began in January 1836 in south central Texas.  In March it escalated when word spread that the Alamo had fallen.  People left everything and ran east toward the Sabine River.  Many years ago, my father wrote an article for the history journal Texana, in which he tells about a family fleeing east.  The wife and child rode the only horse they had, and the husband walked alongside his family.  After a while, the husband said to his family, “It is better that one of us survive than all of us die.”  With that, he made his wife and child get off the horse.  He mounted the steed, bid wife and child goodbye and rode off to safety, leaving his family to their fate.   So much for romantic legends of Texas gallantry…

Oh, the wife and child survived just fine.  They made it safely to the Sabine River.  And, yes indeed, the wife caught up with her feckless spouse…    and… <ahem>…. perhaps we should leave the story, and allow her to deal with him in private….

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