175 years: Napoleon of the West.

Most people know only one thing about Mexican general Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna:   he defeated Travis, Bowie, Crocket and company at the Alamo. 

  • Did you know that Santa Anna was an admirer of Napoleon, and that he collected Napoleon-era memorabilia?   He fancied himself to be the “Napoleon of the West”.  
  • Did you know that many years after the Alamo, Santa Anna lived in Kingston, Jamaica, and Staten Island, New York? 
  • Did you know that Santa Anna helped popularize chewing gum?  OK, maybe that is a bit exaggerated.  But he is credited with bringing in the first shipment of chicle, the base of chewing gum.  No chicle, no chewing gum. 
  • Did you know that in his younger days, Santa Anna was a handsome fellow, capable of real charm?   He rather had a way with women. 
  • Did you know that Santa Anna had a cork leg?  During the Mexican-American War, the leg was captured by American soldiers.  Ever since, the Mexican government has been asking the U.S. to return it. 
  • Did you know that Santa Anna was having lunch, roast chicken, when the soldiers stole his leg?   Other than damaging his dignity, the soldiers did not harm Santa Anna. 
  • Did you know the soldiers were from… Illinois?

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