March forth!

Yes, I am early, but March is just two days away.  This past week was warm, except for one brisk day.  After our recent week of record-cold sleet and snow, we are ready for warmer weather.  So are the Bradford pear trees next door.  Their buds are beginning to show just a peep of white.  The Bradford pear tree is a common ornamental tree in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, and each spring the buds burst open with snow white flowers (but no pears).  Visually, the white flowers are mighty impressive.  But try smelling one up close.   Yuck!   Smells like a sweaty old tennis shoe.  One sniff is all you need, and you will be satisfied with just seeing, not smelling, the sight.

By the way, have you noticed that March 4th is the only day of the calendar which is also a command?  At least in English.  Perhaps a good day to come out of hibernation and resume your outdoor exercise.

Please let us know what you think about what we see.