175 years: A line in the sand?

Did Col. Travis really draw a line in the sand?

It makes a good story.  William B. Travis gathering his men together and telling them that the situation is hopeless.  He expects the Mexicans to attack soon, and he expects they will win.  He feels certain that all defenders will die.  Drawing a line in the sand, Travis asks that anyone who is willing to stay, fight and, very likely, die, step across that line to stand with him and face the Mexican army.  Anyone not crossing the line is free to leave.

Did it really happen that way?  No one knows for sure.  One survivor, Susanna Dickinson, said that Col. Travis did, indeed, give his men a choice of staying or leaving.  But there is no record of a line in the sand.  In any case, legend has it that only one man chose to leave.

On Saturday evening, March 5, General Antonio Lopez Santa Anna gathers his senior officers together.  He has an announcement:

Tomorrow morning, we attack the Alamo.


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