Forbidden Gardens (Tomb of Emperor Qin).

 In 1974, workers near Xi’an, China, made an astonishing discovery.  They uncovered the tomb of the Chinese Emperor Qin who ascended to the throne in 246 B.C.  The tomb included thousands of terracotta soldiers, chariots and horsemen.

In 1996, busiman Ira Poon founded Forbidden Gardens in Katy, Texas.  Forbidden Gardens included an awe-inspiring replica of the Chinese Forbidden City and the tomb of Emperor Qin.  Yesterday, I posted photos of the 1:20 scale replica of the Forbidden City.  Today I am posting photos of the one-third scale replica of Emperor Qin’s terracotta army.  Standing at the head of the army is a full-size statue of Qin.  I took these photos on a Sunday afternoon in July, 1996.  In a day or so, I will add a few more photos of the tomb.

Unfortunately, Forbidden Gardens announced last month that they are closing, fifteen years after opening.  I do not think the entire project was ever completed.  Only half of the 80 acres was developed into the park.  The Forbidden Gardens was a grand idea, and it is sad to see it end.

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