Rendez-vous des Cajuns

Anyone from Louisiana?  If so, post a comment if you know whether they still do this weekly show in Eunice, Louisiana.

July 11, 1998  Saturday

Drove over to Eunice, Louisiana for the Rendez-vous des Cajuns, a grand ole opry style cajun music show.  They broadcast it live on local radio.  The show is in what began in the 1920s as a vaudeville theatre, later a movie theater, now renovated.  It runs from 6-8 but I only stayed for the first half, then drove back to Houston.   

The cajun show was fun.  The bands were made up of good old boys, with names like Comier, Sonnier, Broussard, Thibedeaux.  In front of the stage was a small dance floor, where five or six old couples, one or two middle-age couples,  and even a couple of old ladies with no one to dance with but each other, were waltzing or two-stepping, and in one case trying to jitterbug but not very well.  They scattered corn flour on the floor to make the boot scooting easier.  One old gray grandpa waltzed with a tall, pretty, very thin young woman, perhaps 20, perhaps his granddaughter.  She looked nervous and self-conscious, and he seemed to be encouraging her, building her confidence to dance in front of everyone.  One couple, the jitterbuggers, appeared to be mentally handicapped, maybe mildly retarded.  There was a fellow with leg problems who wobbled so bad when he rushed toward the dance floor that I thought he would fall down, but each time he got there ahead of his dancing partner, a much shorter, much rounder homely woman.  All this was presided over by a very smooth, but too talky, emcee who pattered in French and English.    A good deal for $3.

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