Atomic Duo.

They call themselves “fat man and little boy”.  The Atomic Duo.  You have to know a smidge of history to make the connection…   which is why God gave us the Internet.   🙂

Anyway, Mark Rubin (right) and Silas Lowe, play vintage instruments dating from before the Great Depression.  Their instruments are non-electrically amplified.  Instead of using electric current to amplify the sound, their instruments use a strip of aluminum, which is surprisingly effective at throwing sound forward.  True, their amplification won’t erase memories of Eric Clapton’s searing licks, but by golly you will get goosebumps all the same, and unless your are hardshell Southern Baptist you might even dance a step or two! 

I heard the Atomic Duo at Whole Foods in Arlington, Texas, this very afternoon.   Click on this link for my audio comments:  110410 WWS audio

Visit The Atomic Duo’s website:


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