Cool weather continues in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  By the way, we locals call this area the Metroplex.  The word was coined in 1972 by an advertising agency.  Before that time, this area was known simply and rather vaguely as North Texas. 

The Metroplex encompasses 12 counties and has a population of 6,371,700+.   Dallas and Fort Worth have long had a friendly rivalry, as twin cities across America usually do.  Dallas residents tend to look down on Cowtown (Fort Worth).  In fact, someone once said that Fort Worth is the largest small town in America.  For their part, folks in Fort Worth snicker at high-brow Dallas, especially north Dallas, home of elite Southern Methodist University, country club style churches and where (it is said) women dress up to go to the grocery store.   

I have lived in this area three times, so far, in my life.  This most recent stay has lasted over seven years.   And I still find it hard to navigate my way around the maze of municipalities that make up the Metroplex.  Between Dallas and Fort Worth there are several midcities– sometimes called “bedroom communities”– with more satellite communities sprinkled all around.  And there is always the elephant in the living room, i.e., the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. 

What did we do before GPS?

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