St. Joseph’s in Maui.

Maria, proprietress of “Lone Star Lens” ( and chief of “We’ll See” Pacific/Asian Bureau, files this photo taken during her most recent visit to Hawaii.  This is St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Kaupo on Maui, Hawaii.  The church was built in 1862. 

The first Catholic missionaries in Hawaii were from the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts in France.  They arrived in Hawaii in July, 1827, when Hawaii was a kingdom.  Despite opposition from the local authorities in Honolulu, the missionaries managed to maintain a foothold.   Nine years later, in 1836, Sacred Hearts Father Robert Arsensius Walsh arrived in Hawaii.  He, too, faced restrictions placed on his work by the Hawaiian Kingdom, but he succeded in establishing churches on the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, and Niihau.  St. Damien is called “The Apostle of Hawaii.”  (Note:  an earlier version incorrectly identified Father Walsh as “The Apostle of Hawaii”.)

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