Moved by a mischievous muse, I wrote this bit of verse in December 2008.  🙂


It is a double cross I bear,

My genius and good looks.

It’s true that people stop and stare,

As I quote to them from books,


At my dapper-suited form,

My enchanting clear blue eyes

And my golden throated silver tongue

On which my each word lies.


My vox profundis carries long

And wide my clarion call.

My sound I share with everyone

I’m gen’rous to a faul’


My mind is made of mirrors,

Reflecting all my thoughts,

Which is to say I ponder

Upon myself a lots.


The quality that others’n

I most admire: I’m honest.

I write these words’n with a blush

—(My fault: I’m just too modest!)


They oft confuse, those many women,

Who plead my fond attention,

My virtues with my gorgeous mein,

Humility with ambition.


Women yearn and men implore

For a moment of my time

But I don’t spare a penny wor’

Unless it earns a dime.


With all I share my views,

I bring light to ign’rance

(So many do not know the news!)

Of my beautiful existence


The gods don’t need to give great gifts,

Or prophets to foresee.

They can retire all of that

And just depend on me.


Being for all a font

Is a full-time occupation.

Wearing wisdom’s mant’

Requires divination.


My faultless life shines clearer

Surviving Adam’s fall,

(Sometimes I fake an error

Pretending I’m like all.)


The work is hard, long the hour,

The compensation poor,

But with my brains and savoir faire

Who would want for more?    … Wait! 


What is this? As years advance,

My passion fades its burn.

And through the smoke and purple haze

There’s one more thing to learn!


The youthful burden of being great

With age gets only lighter.

Because mirage of mightiness

Gets dimmer but not brighter.


Alas, another  six I see

And (soon) one half more billion

Populate the earth with me.

A motley mixéd milieu!


Most are blissful unaware

Of my enduring charm

But I have more than I can do

Tending my own garden.


But I stand ready to move apace,

If ever there’s a need,

For a mighty man of brains and grace

With handsome face and mighty deed!


copyright 2008 by William Holmes


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