LBJ boyhood home.

One inescapable fact of Texas culture is that we celebrate holidays uniquely our own.  One such holiday is coming up later this month, August 27– Lyndon Johnson’s birthday.  This year the holiday falls on a Saturday.  In those years when the holiday falls during the work week most businesses and banks remain open and fully staffed.  State government offices also stay open, with a skeleton crew.  Actually, if no one told you that August 27 is a state holiday, you might never know it…

Almost 20 years ago, Lila’s mother came down from Minnesota to visit, so Lila and I took her on a tour of the Texas hill country, one of the most scenic areas of Texas.  We stopped in Johnson City, and Lila took this photo of her mom and me in front of Lyndon Johnson’s boyhood home.  (Ah, yes, I was twenty years younger back then…. weren’t we all?)

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