At long last the heat wave has broken!   Very early Monday morning, a cool front blew in, and for the first time in more than a month, we had temperatures below 100 (F).  High today (Tuesday) was 88 (F).  Right now it is 68 (F).

But wouldn’t you know it… there is a trade-off, at least for me there is.  As often as not when a front blows in, the change in weather leaves me with a sinus headache.  For two days, I have been feeling the pressure right above my eyes.  Fortunately, unlike our ancestors who had no choice but to live with discomforts, we have sinus meds galore.  I have been sampling a few over-the-counter palliatives.  Whether it is the meds working or nature simply ran its course, I do not know, but in any event I am feeling better.  I do love this cool weather.  Nice to sleep with the window open and not feel like I am in a sauna.  Even nicer not to have to run the air conditioning all night!

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