Eric and Desiree

A few weeks ago, Maria and I photographed the wedding of Eric and Desiree.  They are from the Ivory Coast, so the ceremony was done in French, with English subtitles (actually, a translator spoke the words, and she did an outstanding job– I know how arduous a task it is to translate from one language to another, and I appreciate the mental energy it took to give a running translation of an entire wedding and reception).  Maria was the lead photographer and, like any sensible man, I assisted her by doing as I was told.:-)  There were so many excellent photos, that there was no way I could fit as many on my website as I wanted.  Receptions at African weddings are always lively, so I decided to put up a few of those photos.  I took the first two photos.  Maria took the next two.  You can view all of our photos at Maria’s website “Lone Star Lens”

Groomsman and bridesmaid entering the reception

Eric and Desiree make their entrance at the reception.

wedding reception dancing

Bride and groom at reception

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