Hallowed Evening.

Once upon this midnight dreary, this Hallowed Evening, in these United Shades of America, there lurk spectres, spirits, and assorted phantasms… visitants and wraiths who would pale with fright even the ghost of Hamlet’s father.    And this year, zombies are all the rage.  Pictured here is one of your more fasionable young zombies.  She tutored me on the finer points of zombie style– i.e., zombies do not blow-dry their hair.  Of course, Warren Zevon’s werewolf at Trader Vic’s might not approve, but well, there you have it… and to all zombies and ghouls, may you have a safe Halloween.  Do you have Halloween or something like it in your country?  Post a comment about it!

Zombie styling and photo were provided by an anonymous walker.

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