If you live in the United States and Canada, don’t forget to “fall back” one hour tonight.  Unless you don’t, in your state….   Years ago, I gave up trying to remember who does and who doesn’t.  Thank goodness my comptuer and cell phone automatically set. 

The holidays are fast approaching in the United States.  This year, we will celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, November 24.  Most government, businesses and schools will be closed by noon, November 23 and will stay closed until Monday, November 27.

My friend Tiffany is a model in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area, and she graciously agreed to donate a few minutes from her busy day, so that I could take a few photographs of her in the “pumpkin patch” of a local store.   True, she is strikingly attractive, but even truer is that she has a thoughtful, considerate manner. 

Feeling mischievous, I said to her, “I am young, and I am pretty too.  Do you think I could be a model?”  Ever poised and gracious, with a twinkle in her dark eyes, she answered, “I think you make a very good photographer.”   Ah!  For this let us be thankful !   🙂

Please let us know what you think about what we see.