The Occupy movement seems to have peaked and is losing steam.  There is, or was (it may be gone, by now), an Occupy Dallas campsite behind the Dallas, Texas, City Hall.  In November, I stopped by the campsite to see who was there and what was going on.  Myself, I am not political, but I stand ready to photograph almost any public event.  As protests go, Occupy is pretty ordinary and will be all but forgotten in a few years.  For the record, before it fades away, here is what I saw when I visited their campsite.  

I counted about forty tents.  An occupier named Aaron told me that that there were a hundred tents.  Indeed, there might have been that many on one day, but not the day I was there.  Aaron also told me that most of the tents and much of the food was donated.  Another fellow, he calls himself “Dancing Dan”, assured me that the occupiers are “not a bunch of crazies” and that once you talk to them you will see that they are nice folks.  He offered to share his plate lunch with me– I thanked him, but declined his offer.   I also met Raven, a lithe young woman in a brightly colored skirt.  She was painting a sign which the ocuupiers carried as they marched in downtown Dallas later that afternoon.  

The occupiers marched along the sidewalk, shouting the usual “hey, hey, ho, ho…” chants.  Dallas Police followed alongside in patrol cars, and two plainclothes officers trailed after the protestors, but there was no police interference at all. 





Please let us know what you think about what we see.