Mild as May.

Well now… suddenly it’s February and if we were to have winter in North Texas, with blue northers and wind chills in the teens, and winter storms such that the cattlemen used to say “Nothin’ between us and the North Pole ‘cept a bob-wire fence”…  if we were to have such a winter, it would manifest itself this month.  But the season, so far, is mild as May.  The high temp today was 73 (F), and the sky was bright blue.  Right now (10:40 p.m.) it is 57 (F).  Forecast calls for much the same, except for some rain, for another week, at least. Past few days, I have stopped to inspect the Bradford pear trees, fully expecting to see an early arrival of snowy white (and gym-sock stinky) blooms.  We’ll see!    

Update (February 12, 2012):  At last!  Something approximately like winter has finally arrived in North Texas.  As I write, it is sleeting outside, and there might be snow later.  Probably won’t stick, but at least now I don’t feel that when it comes to winter, we, uh, have been left out in the cold… 

Please let us know what you think about what we see.