Creatures great and small.

Did you know that the bison (buffalo, if you prefer) is the largest mammal native to North America?  … so I’m told, and I have not been around to measure mammals so I can’t dispute the claim.  Anyway, that much I heard this afternoon whilst on a tour of the Fort Worth Nature Center.  There were twenty folks on the tour, on a hayride, and half of those were kids on spring break.  I was there to photograph creatures great and small, beginning with the bison, and later a commune of prairie dogs.  The hayride was an hour and a half and covered about six miles of roads (there are twenty miles of trails) at the nature center.  We stopped to see the herd of bison, and the kids threw pellets of bison food to the behemoths over the fence.  The beasts know this drill and are quite happy to oblige us with photo opps.  Later, as I was leaving the premises, I stopped to photograph prairie dogs.  The dogs were not as keen for close-ups, and my 50mm lens doesn’t have much reach, but I managed a couple of reasonably good photos, including one action shot of a dog on the run.

Please let us know what you think about what we see.