Sam Houston.

If you are north-bound on I-45, and if you are unaware of its existence, your first sight of this 77-foot statue of Sam Houston can be startling.  A curve in the road makes it appear from the distance that a giant something has arisen smack-dab in the middle of the highway, and that appearance stirs wonder in your soul.  I suppose this effect was part of the designer’s intention.  Sam Houston is larger than life in Texas history.  He was governor of two states (Tennessee and Texas, at different times), general of the Texas army during its war for independence from Mexico, and first president of the Republic of Texas.  He stood over 6 feet tall, and was a colorful, commanding, confident figure.  So a giant statue is in keeping with his legend (and his ego).  The statue is on the east side of I-45, just south of Huntsville, Texas. 

To give you a sense of the size of this statue, the base alone is 10 feet high.  Maria, proprietess of Lone Star Lens on Facebook, offers her own photo of the statue with a vehicle parked next to it.  Sam Houston would have been pleased by this statue, but he would not have been surprised.  He would have said, “Of course!”

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