Food and Felines

Katie is our “We’ll See” European Culinary and Cats Correspondent.  She and Andy recently spent two weeks in Norway, visiting family.  As part of her international assignment, she filed these photos:  Norwegian salmon and salad.  And a well-fed Norwegian cat…   en norsk katt.

With food like this and scenery like I posted yesterday, I want to move to Norway!

2 thoughts on “Food and Felines

  1. Hi Will!

    This is Manu. We met last thursday at the Galleria for the Fashion Night Out. You introduced us to Katie & Aspen. I checked out your blog and your posts are short and sweet! Prime lenses do make special pictures – the keepers.

    I wanted to send across my blog address. The Blog is called “The Big D Spot” and it’s address is at –

    The theme of my blog is “humanities meet technology” – that’s where my mind lives..

    Now here is an idea I will share with you. It’s a nightmare to find content on the blog sometimes with the tree structure. When I discovered Pinterest I decided to create a “blog-board” where I pin my stories as I publish them. It’s a breeze to find a specific story and many websites are adopting this. Here is the public The Big D Spot blogboard –

    Hope to hear from ya!
    Manu Thomas.

    • Manu, thank you for your comment. I enjoyed meeting you and your wife at Fashion Night Out. I appreciate the link to your blog, and also the Pinterest idea– I am considering applying that idea to my blog. Again, thanks!

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