Pride 2012.

This morning, my friend Stephanie hosted her first “Pancakes and Pride” breakfast at her condo in Dallas, Tx.  16 folks, including myself, feasted on pancakes, quiche, French toast covered in vanilla cream sauce, orange juice, coffee and champagne.  Then we set out to witness the annual Gay Pride Parade.  This was my first experience watching a Pride Parade.  There was rain throughout the parade, but that did not dampen the spirits of the parde-goers.  The parade was colorful, to say the least, and probably the noisiest I’ve seen.  Formally known as the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade, the paraders proceeded down Cedar Springs from Wycliff Avenue to Lee Park.  I took hundreds of photos and will post a couple dozen on “We’ll See!”   I am posting a few now, just to get started.

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