Opera on Tap

Thursday evening, I went over to Angelo’s Italian Grill in the Lakewood neighborhood, in Dallas, Texas.  I listened to Opera on Tap perform arias, and I feasted on Atlantic grilled salmon with shrimp and angel hair pasta in cream sauce– truly a decadent dish.  I took a few photos in low light, using a very high ISO and no tripod, so they did not turn out as well as I hoped.  Still, you can see that the ladies are lovely and the gentlemen look competent, and they have the voices of gods and angels.   I have always been lukewarm toward opera, but Thursday evening’s performance did much to warm my enthusiasm.


2 thoughts on “Opera on Tap

    • Thank you. Your fashion fotos are great! I’m reminded of a feature on New York Times website where a fellow named Bill someone– I don’t remember his last name– does something similar. He posts photos of “fashion on the streets” of NYC, with voice-over comment. He photos are always candid and his comments are witty. Myself, I’m not fashion-conscious (as any of my lady friends will testify), but I do appreciate the human parade.

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