Moon watching.

A half-moon makes better viewing than a full moon.  Know why?   I’ll tell you in a minute.

Tonight was International Observe the Moon Night, if you didn’t alrready know.   So, this evening, I went to the University of Texas at Arlington Planetarium.  On the sidewalk a couple of fellows set up their telescopes for gazing at the moon, and a few passersby stopped to take a look.  Ben has the black telescope and Kenneth has the orange one.  A third fellow, I didn’t get his name, gave an impromptu seminar about the moon.  It’s great that these fellows provide this opportunity for folks, and it’s a shame there wasn’t a bigger turnout.

Oh.. about the half-moon.  A half-moon makes better viewing because shadows improve the contrast and make the landscape more three-dimensional.  A full-moon appears flat and washed out.

I didn’t get a photo of the moon itself, not this time.  But I do have a full-moon shot, taken in 2009.  Not much has changed…

Please let us know what you think about what we see.