Munger Place.

This afternoon (Sunday), I wended my way to Dallas to witness the Munger Place Street Festival.  Munger Place is an old neighborhood filled with houses dating to the early 1900s.  On the street curb by one house, I saw an inscription “Est. 1913”.  When I saw that, I couldn’t help pausing to imagine that year– this was just before World War I, when folks were still optimistic that humanity would only and always improve.  The Mexican Revolution began that year.  Russia still had a czar.  Grand Central Terminal in New York City reopened after being remodeled.  Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky premiered.  Woodrow Wilson succeeded William Howard Taft as president of the U.S.   The Lincoln Highway, the first major highway across the U.S., was dedicated (parts of it still exist).

Not all the houses in the Munger Place Neighborhood are that old.  But many of them are.  A section of the street was blocked off, food vendors were out in force and there was live music.  I figure you’ve seen food vendors and musicians, so I am not posting those photos.  For $15 you could buy a ticket to tour inside some of the houses.  I just couldn’t motivate myself to hand over $15, but I did photograph several houses, and these you might be interested in seeing.

The antique car is a Ford Model A.

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  1. Will! this is fantastic. what lens did you use ?! I just got back from visiting Boston, pushed the high ISO on the D700 for the architecture at night. about 300 pics and an average of 3200 ISO per picture. I have to put out the Boston Catalog out sometime. Meanwhile you can look through these 2 links

    Link 1 – my Dubai trip pictures I had written a journal about

    Link 2 – Tulsa, OK architecture I shot this summer


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