In North America, October 31 is Halloween, with scary fun, leading to the lesser known All Saints Day (November 1).   I don’t have any really scary photos to post, but I do have a couple of spooky ones.  In 2007, I ventured out into the countryside south of Fort Worth, and found this old suspension bridge on County Road 249 in Bluff Dale, Texas.  It is a relic of the 1890s.  Along the way, I talked to Joe Hamilton, who was raised around Bluff Dale, and he told me, “I used to walk down that road when I was a kid, and they still had small huts used by the Indians who worked the railroad.  At least I think they were Indians.  The huts were made of sticks and mud and stuff, but there’s nothing there now.  The bridge is there, but it’s not used.  There’s a new bridge now.”

Could this become a ghost story?

At any rate, if it helps build suspense for Halloween, here is the old Bluff Dale suspension bridge (and a glimpse of the newer one which replaced it).


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