Burr oak.

Whilst taking my lunchtime constitutional along Tandy Street in the West Meadowbrook neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas, I (almost literally) stumbled upon this big acorn.  Ever vigilant to learn more about nature, I examined it.  This acorn, with a fringed cup, is about 2 inches.  My tree book (I have a dandy one called Trees of Texas– well illustrated, easy to read, I recommend it)… anyway, my tree book confirms that this acorn fell from a quercus macrocarpa, aka “burr oak”.  Macrocarpa means “big fruit”.   So… there you have it.


4 thoughts on “Burr oak.

  1. Will – this is fantastic, i have been quite enamored with these things lately because I was telling my wife they remind me of airplane engines on the wings of those planes!

  2. Great post. Today I collected acorns for my girlfriend who will use them for decorations. I gathered some smallish ones from live oaks, medium sized ones (largish olive size) which I have not identified, and some from a Burr oak in a park in Addison, TX. I just discovered the Burr oak recently and did not know what they were until I found your blog. Thank you.

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