Saturday afternoon, Maria (prioprietress of Lone Star Lens, www.lonestarlens.com), Kammi, and I enjoyed a resplendent repast at Kalachandji’s vegetarian restaurant in Dallas.  This establishment is located at 5430 Gurley Ave, Dallas, Tx, 75223, and is owned and operated by those of the Hare Krishna persuasion.  The building was formerly a Christian (Disciples of Christ) church, bought and renovated by devotees of Krishna in 1971.

Kalachandji’s offers a vegetarian buffet, supplemented by two delectable deserts:  your choice of a moist blueberry pastry or creamy rice pudding.  Maria, Kammi and I chose to dine in their open courtyard.

Afterwards, Kammi and I walked across the street to the Kalachandji’s Garden, where they grow all the vegetables used in their restaurant.  We spent a half-hour or more visiting with Doc Bell, raconteur and vegetable raiser.  Doc himself is not a devotee of Krishna but he enjoys the organic, natural foods served by the restaurant.  Doc gave Kammi and me a tour of the garden, and he gave Kammi some fresh onions and broccoli.   To both of us, he present several black tomatoes.  We had never before seen a black tomato.

Doc is from Louisiana.  He regaled us with stories of his family going back to the early 1800s.  He is a certified geneaologist and has discovered some fascinating stories about his family.  Though African-American himself, his ancestors included several races and all shades of color.  He had a great-aunt who was a nun and a real-estate wheeler-dealer, at the same time:  This good sister managed to amass land holdings of at least 3,000 acres.

Next time you are in Dallas, and you are looking for something that isn’t barbecue or chicken-fried steak and beer, try Kalachandji’s.  And walk across the street to howdy Doc.

Please let us know what you think about what we see.