On my way home.

The other evening, on my way home, I spotted a stray dog.  She was young, maybe less than a year old, very thin, she appeared to be lost, and she was scared– she kept her tail between her legs.  I pulled off the road, got out and tried to coax her into my car.  She allowed me to stroke her ears and gently scratch her back– she clearly wanted to trust me.  But she did not trust me enough to get into my car.  I stayed with her almost an hour, speaking gently and giving her a few scraps of food which I had in the car.  All to no avail– she would not trust me to help her.

By now it was dark and, in this semi-rural part of the road, I did not feel especially safe.  I decided to leave the dog and hope for the best.  Suddenly, a man drove up in a van.  In the darkness, I couldn’t tell who he might be or what he was holding in his hand.  He approached without saying a word.   To my complete surprise, he gave me… flowers.




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