Blue norther.

True, we don’t get ice storms often.  But get them, we do.  Every two, three years, a blue norther blows through.  Used to be there was a saying among ranchers in the Panhandle, “Nothing between us and the North Pole, ‘cept a bob-wire fence.”    (Please note: no self-respecting Texas rancher says “barbed-wire.”)

So. We got us a blue norther.  One day it’s 80 in Dallas, and the next it’s 25.  Schools, government offices, social events, some stores– closed.  Myself, I’m not complaining too much, because I get a three-day weekend.

The second photo is especially apropos to Texas– you might say it is an ice-conic representation of a Texas tornado.

Photo provided by parents– used with their permission.

Photo taken today, December 6, 2013 by Katie Nixon (Katie Nixon Photography).  Used with permission.


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