Amongst the people.

Christmas (Chanukah, too,) is just another day(s) of the year for me.  Actually, it’s better, because Christmas is three (some years, four) days off work.  Any day off work is a good day, no?  So today, I trundled over to Waffle House for breakfast.  Evidently, I’m not the only one– the place was busy!   Here are a few very short notes I made during this morning’s visit.  My notes are choppy, but you get the idea:

Busy at Waffle House. I count eleven laborers toiling in the kitchen.   I am seated at counter because there’s no room at the tables.   A waitress tells a customer about a pecan pie and German chocolate cake someone made for her. Leslie’s brother gave her dark chocolate.  She likes dark chocolate. Jukebox is blaring funky Christmas music, and Rosa wearing a red Coca-Cola visor comes out from behind the counter and hollers, “Alright everybody let’s get down!”  Gentleman to my right is wearing bright red shirt and seems to be a regular here.  Everyone says hi to him.  A cook tells a coworker, “Getting a paycheck tomorrow.” Danyelle tells a customer, “Know what my favorite ice-cream is?  Peppermint!”  A waitress tells a customer, “I’m here for you.  No worries.”  And a waitress reaches across my iPad and makes like she’s going to type something.  She smiles at me, “Merry Christmas, honey” and I say, “Thank you, ma’am.”

I read somewhere that a British writer is said to have said, “In America, they call the waiters sir.”  Matter of fact, we do.

May your people and mine live on in peace and prosperity.


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