Mother’s Day 2014

At last… We are back!

On April 1, I retired from an almost 21 year career with State of Texas government– almost 27 years of public service when you include my years with Travis county, Texas, government.   Retirement takes some adjustment– it’s an odd feeling not having to be somewhere each morning– but I have plenty to do, never-ending projects, and my only concern is that I will have to live to 115 to get it all done!   Friends ask if I might return to work.  Ideally, no.  Realistically… maybe.  Sooner or later, as the cost of living inches up, I might have to work part-time to earn extra jingle.  But right now, there is no hurry.  We’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile… today is Mother’s Day in these United States.  My family has never been big on such celebrations, but now that mother is 90 years old (she will turn 91 in January 2015), I think it is important to spend our time wisely whilst we still have time.  This morning I took her to church and then to lunch.  In fact, I do so every Sunday.  Nothing fancy– actually, very ordinary.  All the same, it is time well spent.

Speaking of time well spent, I am making a conscious effort to redeem my retirement wisely.  Now that I am getting into a retirement rhythm each day, I am returning my attention to “We’ll See!”  I hope to see lots more, post what I see, and I hope you will let me know what you think about what we see.


William Holmes and Peggy Holmes, Mother's Day, 2014.

William Holmes and Peggy Holmes, Mother’s Day, 2014.

Please let us know what you think about what we see.