Feathered Family.

Something new for this website… audio!  (Well, not exactly new.  I tried this a few years ago, but the sound quality was poor, and I quickly gave it up.) Yesterday, I purchased a Blue Yeti microphone, a sturdy, affordable, USB condenser mic.  Sound quality is excellent.  Beginning today, I will add brief (3-4 minutes) audio comments to “We’ll See!” postings.  Too, if I have time, I might add audio to old postings.  In any event, this first audio is mostly an introduction.  Future audios will be (or ought to be!) about the posting itself.  Thanks for listening!

Note:  Audio file might not download on iPad.  I would appreciate any comments about difficulties you might have in downloading audio. 


A few days ago, I noticed this nest in a corner of my mother’s cottage.  Proud parents flitted about their business of protecting the eggs (which I did not see), whilst carefully keeping an eye on me.





Please let us know what you think about what we see.