International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

January 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Do you know this poem?

By Yankev Glatshteyn


Through the chimney of the crematorium, 
A Jew wafts upward to eternity.
And as soon as his smoke disappears,
His wife and child curl upward too.

And up above, in the heavenly pale,
Holy ghosts keen and wail.
O God, up where Your glories resound
Not even there can we be found.


Durkhn crematorie-koymen
kroyzt aroyf a yid tzum atik yomim,
un vi nor der roykh farshvindt,
knoylt aroyf zayn vayb un kind.

Un oybn in di himlishe hoykhn,
veynen, benken, heylike roykhn.
Got, dort vu du bist do,
dortn zaynen mir ale oykh nishto.


Ahavath Sholom Hebrew Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas

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