Big Spring Great Trinity Forest

Not to be confused with Big Spring, Texas… that’s a different part of the state.

The Big Spring Great Trinity Forest is the first natural historical landmark in Dallas.  Located on Pemberton Hill Road, the land was once owned by the Pemberton family. They sold it to the City of Dallas, and thus began a years long effort to restore the prairie land and preserve the forest. I met there this morning with a local photography group. We spent a couple of hours photographing landscapes, plants, and birds.  I’m told that feral hogs roam these woods, but we didn’t see any this morning. Snakes, too, inhabit the habitat, but none of them saw fit to greet us.

This land looks very much like it did in the mid-1800s when pioneers from Tennessee and places east trundled into Texas.


Bur Oak, very possibly 500+ years old.

DSC_9397 (1)


Wine cup



William Holmes


Hercules’s club– a small tree with thorns.

DSC_9377 DSC_9380 DSC_9399 DSC_9402 DSC_9414 DSC_9419 (1) DSC_9425 DSC_9433 DSC_9434

Please let us know what you think about what we see.